Thursday, October 8, 2009

Consignment/Thrift Stores

In our area we have some great consignment and thrift stores. They have furniture,clothes,toys,and more! Last year I cleaned out the garage that had children's bikes they had outgrown and several other items. I made about $40 taking them to the consignment store. I used the money to buy Christmas gifts from the consignment store. Some of the items still had the price tags on them! I purchased pajama's, 2 dresses and several picture frames. If you choose to sell things at a consignment shop many times you get 50% or more of the asking price for your items. The store keeps the rest. It's much easier I think than having a yard sale or posting all your items individually on Craigs list or e-bay. At a consignment store you can usually have a check cut or use your credit toward your purchases. Check online or in your local phone book for consignment stores in your area.
In North Atlanta we like revive consignment Our favorite Thrift Store right now is Liberty Thrift Store, where all clothes are one dollar!!!! Liberty Thrift Store

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