Saturday, October 31, 2009

Couple Quality time

Here are some inexpensive, quality time activities for you and your someone special.

1. Go hiking on a trail or at a state park. Bring a picnic lunch or dinner.

2. Explore a local flea market for treasures.

3. Go sight-seeing in your own town. Play tourists.

4. Pretend you are on a photo shoot and take 20 pictures of each other.

5. Ride the bus around the city. Stop somewhere new and explore.

6. Cook together and clean up together.

7. Read a book and take turns. The one reading gets a foot or back massage.

8. Take a tour of a new museum, art gallery or historic location.

9. Make a Cd or download music that could be “your songs”.

10. Donate blood together in honor of a friend or family member.

11. Go to an interesting location like a gazebo, park, beach or lake and play Frisbee, catch or fly kites.

12. If you have a downtown area in your city, hang out there for a Saturday. Visit a café or market. Have lunch and browse the shops.

13. Play cards or board games and experience each others competitive side.

14. Take a drive. Attend a festival, fair or concert in a nearby town.

15. Watch the stars. You could go on a normal night or plan ahead to see a meteor shower or comet. Remember the blankets and hot chocolate.

16. Volunteer together anytime of the year.

17. Babysit together for friends or family members so they can go on a date.

18. Go to church. It makes you feel close on a different level.

19. Workout together, do a 5K, go to the gym, play basketball, and go for a bike ride, walk or go skating or kayaking.

20. Write a poem or a list of 10 things you like about……. Place it somewhere special.

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