Monday, October 19, 2009

Weatherization, Energy Assistance and Tax information

It's starting to get chilly around here.  If you haven't already it's time to do some weatherization around the house.  It will save those hard earned dollars from slipping out the doors or windows.  Here is a nationwide link with Weatherization information for your state.  There is also information on Georgia payment assistance programs. If you would like to donate to these or other great energy assistance programs you can usually do so on your own bill.  Often you can mark the appropriate box and add the extra money on your own electric or gas bill. Consider rounding up your bill 12 months a year.  When making big home improvements it's always good to check  here to Find out what the IRS allows for energy efficiency tax credit.  We all like tax credits. The AARP's 2 -3 minute video on Operation Energy Save is a quick reminder of things to look for with out getting overwhelmed at the task.  Bundle up, stay warm, and remember to program your thermostat for winter.

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