Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Price Matching at Walmart and their Coupon Policy

I was so excited to price match at Walmart today. Price matching seemed like a lot to juggle since I didn't know of anyone who price matched or a website that puts all that together each week easily. Then I read that someone was price matching fruit and veggies from their ALDI ad. ALDI's has great prices on certain fruits and vegetables each week but I don't have one very close to my house.  So I decided to try it. It was very easy to do.  I separated the items that were to be price matched (put them last) from the regular items I purchased today.  I did bring the ad in though they say it is not necessary. The cashier adjusted the price right at the register quickly and easily.  I was very impressed. I was happy to purchase two $ .99 cantaloupes, two blueberries for $1.49 and two strawberries for $1.29.  I saved between $4 and $5 from the Walmart sale price this week just price matching on my items. Check out Walmart's coupon policy or their ad match guarantee.

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