Monday, September 26, 2011

20 Fun, FREE activites to do with out leaving home

20 Fun, practically free activities to do with your family with out leaving home:
  1. Get dressed up and do a photo shoot
  2. Make a kite and/or fly a kite
  3. Teach the kids to cook/bake/make freezer jam
  4. Family Craft Night –include mom and dad (tye dye, stamp art)
  5. Family Movie Night –
    • watch the classics
    • Netflix
    • on the computer has FREE shows
    • use your free movie codes from Blockbuster Express or Red Box (sign up for their e-mail newsletter)
  6. Spa night – for the girls you can do:
    • manicures
    • pedicures
    • nail painting
    • look online for a yogurt facial recipe 
    • foot massages - even the man at our house enjoys the electronic foot massager or foot bath.
    • Nice music and candles if you have bigger girls.
  7. Scavenger hunt or a Photo scavenger hunt:
    • inside, outside,
    • Take a photo of someone in a red shirt, someone under 3, someone standing on their head, a sock, etc.
  8. Ice cream, popcorn or make your own pizza party – just because
  9. Get out the keyboard, guitar and tambourine and make yourselves a band
  10. Trivia night with prizes for everyone – we use the brain quest cards, trivia games or make up your own ahead of time
  11. Sleep in the living room, outside in the yard or maybe on the first weekend of the month everyone sleeps in mom and dads room
  12. Make a fort with blankets, remember a flashlights, books and a snack
  13. Science night –
    • check your book shelf or internet on how to make bubbles
    • slime
    • rockets, etc
  14. Use what you have:
    • swimming pool
    • pool table
    • Wii
    • Rock band, etc
  15. Skype or video chat for FREE with family or friends that moved away.  Add it to your calendar for every Saturday morning.
  16. Make cards, Birthday gifts, Holiday gifts
    • beading
    • sewing
    • artwork
    • woodwork
    • wood burning
    • write a story or poem, make a book
    • photo framed
    • knit or crochet
  17. Board games, card games, or twister
  18. Play basketball, badminton, football, work on cartwheels, play catch, etc.  You don’t have to be on a team to play a sport.
  19. Read a book out loud together
  20. Eat a meal together at the dining room table

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