Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Food Depot for $10

We have a new Food Depot near us and I thought I would stop in and see what kind of deals I could find.  What I noticed was...
#1 The signage was different than the normal grocery store.  The signs have a price on them and at the bottom of each shelf tag it says "Everyday low price plus 10% added at the register".  Which means if something is $2 you need to add $ .20 to it so it will really cost you $2.20 on your bill at check out.   
#2 I don't see a coupon policy on their website but there was a manufacture coupon in the ad. I will keep looking into this.
I was excited to see a 1# package of ground turkey for $1.95 but soon realized with the extra  $ .19 1/2 it would be $2.15 a package. Publix has ground turkey everyday in the freezer section for $2 a pound. This was a fresh ground turkey though and thought that I would make a turkey meatloaf. The mandarin oranges were $ .45 a can and with the extra 10% still made my $ .50 price point. The pineapple chunks were $ .79 a can and with the extra  $ .08 were $ .87 a can and a good price.  If you like meat this is your place.  There meat counter had many choices and was very full. Oh, and the sausage was $1.33 a pound. I plan on making potatoe soup and thought that would spice it up. My total bill was $10.84 for the items in the photo above.

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