Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip to the Butcher today

I found that I had $10 credit on Now!Deals from my referral link on Groupon.  Now!Deals require you to use them that day.  You can get your purchase price credited back if you don't make it that day but you miss out on the deal.  I ordered a Now!Deals that was $20 in Meat at Findley's Butcher Shop for $10.  I  had a $10 Now!Deal credit on my account.  Here is my 1# or freshly made pastrami wrapped in two separate packages.  One for now and one for the freezer. Also 2 packages each 1# of fresh 85% hamburger. After my Now!Deal coupon I paid $2.18 at the Butcher Shop.  It was my first Groupon deal.  It was very easy and I had no trouble redeeming it.  I would do this deal again. Have you ever done a Now!Deal?

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