Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spent $67 at Publix today

What would of cost $169 retail at Publix was $67 with sales, coupons and $5 off wyb $40 today. We will be trying several new items this week.  One is Publix brand peanut butter that was the mystery coupon for $ .01 today.  If the girls are not thrilled with it we can always make peanut butter cookies or use it in a recipe. We also purchased Sea Cuts cod. It was a BOGO from $6.69 and with a $2 printable coupon it was $1.35 for two pieces of fish.  There was also talapia and salmon to choose from. We will be trying the Silk brand fruit and protein smoothie drink for breakfast.  They were on sale and  had a $1.25 printable coupon and /or $ .75 off coupons in last weekends coupon inserts making them about $1 a quart. 
Here is what we purchased today:
4 Lysol cleaners
4 Lysol toilet cleaner
3 Clorox wipes
1 window cleaner
2 boxes of sandwich bags
4 Emerald almonds
1 jar Bertolli
1 small soy sauce
1 bottle ketchup
2 boxes of Raisin Bran
1 pound of brown rice
1 bag of Milano cookies
1 Texas toast
2 boxes of frozen cod
2 bags of pita bread
1 1/2 gallon of Odwalla superfood green juice
2 6 pks of tapioca
1 bag of Lenders bagels
2 1/2 gallons of Smart Balance milk
6 quarts of Silk brand fruit and protein smoothie
1 Asian salad kit
1 container of salsa
1 bunch of banana's
1 Ezekiel bread
3 pack of Brita water filter replacements
1 chocolate milk (not pictured)
Today was the start of a new ad at Publix and they are back on schedule with the ad running through Wednesday PM in the Atlanta area.

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