Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Publix for $28, saved $73

It was a good trip to Publix tonight with lots of non-food items that often break the budget.  I purchased.....
8 shampoo
2  50 oz liquid laundry soap
4 feminine hygiene products
1 hair color
1 bottle of spray carpet cleaner
2 Irish Spring body wash for men
2 bottles of soda -FREE
4 BBQ sauce
2 A-1 sauce
1 gallon of milk
2 Lloyd's pre-cooked beef
1 bottle of lemon juice
1 bag of goldfish crackers
2 - 6 packs of strawberry/apple fruit
2 -6 packs of Mott's apple sauce
This would of been a $101 shopping trip. But with a $5 off Publix coupon in the mail, a few competitors coupons, store coupons and manufacture coupons all matched with sales it was just $28.

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