Friday, June 15, 2012

Publix for $58 a $170 retail

At Publix I purchased $170 worth of retail value items for $58. There were lots of  stacking opportunities with Publix Advantage coupons and Target coupons if your Publix considers them a competitor. All the printable were linked from The Coupon Mom website and/or Southern Savers website. I purchased....  6 bottles of Juicy Juice
3 -10 packs of Capri Sun 100% juice
8  cans of dice tomatoes
8 large cans of tomato puree
6 Cliff bars
8 Dole fruit smoothie shakers
6 Greek yogurts
2 -1/2 gallons of milk
1 bottle of olive oil
1 bag of bagels
1 bag of hash browns
2 turkey bologna
1 jar of popcorn
2 bags of toasted chips
2 bags of potato chips
2 onion dips
4 boxes of trail mix
6 muffin mix
4 boxes of yogurt Popsicles

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