Tuesday, October 27, 2009

17 Healthy Foods For Under $1 per serving

Here are great staple ideas for working around your budget and keeping a variety of vitamins and minerals in your diet. You can make lots of great meals. I found the list on Tip Hero

Rice – I try and buy rice for near $.50 a pound. Use it for breakfast. Make rice and eggs. For lunch stir fry over rice. For dinner rice with a can of tuna and chopped tomato and onion for a quick meal.

Oatmeal – Make it for breakfast or a bedtime snack. Homemade Granola is great and cookies too!

Potatoes – Microwave for 8 minutes for a quick meal along with a 12oz box of veggies (I like peas or broccoli) for a quick lunch or dinner.

Eggs – In my area about $ .10 per egg is a good price. I usually boil 4 or 5 and have them on hand for a quick out the door breakfast or snack when I get home to hold me over till dinner is ready.

Popcorn – This is a staple at my house. We have an air pop corn popper. The kids think its fun.

Apples – I get what ever kind are on sale. Often it is a 3# or 5# bag. If I don’t care for the apples much or they are not getting eaten fast enough I use the juicer and add some carrots for a yummy treat.

Watermelon - A summertime thirst quencher. It runs about $ .40 a pound in season. Or $3- $7 for a whole melon in my area.

Garbanzo Beans – Great for soups or dip.

Pinto Beans – Put them in the crock pot and cook them down.

Bananas – Great for an out the door snack. We like to them cut up with peanut butter and a few mini chocolate chips.

Kiwis – I find kiwis on sale three for a dollar. I cut them in half and spoon the center out.

Cantaloupe – Cut it up so it is ready for lunches or eat a ½ a melon for a snack.

Carrots - Carrots typically cost $ .50 to $1.25 per pound. I have been shredding them and adding them to tacos and other crazy places like muffins.

Lentils – I only think of soup.

Grapefruit – These are often about 50 cents per pound and fun to eat during their short season.

Nuts – Almonds $2.98 pound, Walnuts $2.88 a pound. I keep them in the car for a healthy snack. A serving is 2 -4 oz so they come in under the $1 mark for a great healthy food.

Water - Practically free.

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