Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home Depot kids workshops are FREE!

If you have never taken your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephew's to the FREE monthy Home Depot Kid's Workshops you are missing out.  We have the best time at the once a month free event.  It is from 9 AM to noon with a different project each month.  If it's your first time they give the child a small orange Home Depot apron.  They also get a nice pin that matches the project they are working on.  The pin goes on their apron.  You can tell which children are the most experienced by the number of pins they have on their smock.  Other then being totally free I love that it is always the first Saturday of the month Nation wide at all the Home Depots.  We usually travel in the summer and if it is over the first Saturday of the month we search ahead of time to see if there is a Home Depot in the area and make it part of our trip. We pack our orange aprons and head off.  I have all daughters and love the confidence they have gotten using the tools and making projects that are great homemade gifts. Saturday's November 7th and December 5th are the next dates for workshops. No need to register and it is a come and go project.  We plan on about an hour to 1 1/2 hours with our 3 younger girls.

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