Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Organic savings

Many people want their family to eat healthier and that includes eating Organic.  Access to healthy, appealing organic food is becoming more widespread and accessible even in our local grocery stores.  No special trips to make! What helped me in getting started was to keep a notebook or piece of paper in my wallet for tracking the prices on Organic products.  That is how I could learn what a good price was per pound, bunch, can, box or oz.  This allowed me to buy organic at the lowest price and keep my budget in tack.  I have enjoyed Project Organic Eating.  It has practical day to day information, recipes and short posts. Grocery Coupon Guide  has a long list of links to Organic printable coupons.  They also suggest always giving your home mailing address. I agree.  I love getting coupons in the mail. This should give you a big jump start on eating Organic, Couponing and Saving money in the process.

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