Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well Stocked Pantry

I thought I had a well stocked pantry untill I saw the pantry over at The Prudent Homemaker.  Oh my, what a great story on how she fed a family of 7 through 8 months of being unemployed.  They have the benefits of a garden and had done plenty of canning.  I see a few tips I can add to my strategies.


  1. What tips in particular? That is a beautiful website!!

    Laura Ragsdale

  2. Laura,

    Specifically I would like to buy rice in bulk. I like the idea of her large containers for dry goods. Financial advisers and Dave Ramsey recommend 3 – 6 months living expensive set aside in your savings account. I am seeing more and more people carrying that over to also have a 3 – 6 month of food in their well stocked pantry. I know it gives me peace of mind to know I don’t have to go to the grocery store. I can make a menu with what I have on hand. I also felt like a bit of a freak with my 2 month stockpile of food. Now I feel normal and know I am not the only one who thinks a well stocked pantry is a good idea. On a regular basis I can take a hundred dollars and turn it into $200 - $250 worth of food. That is more then my mutual fund is making so I see it as a good investment.