Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gift ideas

I like the gift ideas in this post not just for myself but for my children. They already sew handbags and pillows or make jewelry for their friend's birthdays.  I want to teach them that lack of money is never a good excuse for not showing how much you care for someone.  It definitely is an area I need to grow in. I am not the best present giver.  Here are a few posts I found this week that helped me with some ideas for the upcoming holiday's.  The Prudent Homemaker has many great frugal gifts such as printable paper dolls, books to make, ideas for food gifts and more. Check out her guest post over at Moms Frugal on "Christmas on a Zero Budget".  Oprah's list of free or really cheap gifts has ideas such as helping someone organize an area or setting a family limit of $5 each.  I like the idea of making coupons for young and old alike. They are so personal and giving of your time. You can find family friendly Printable coupons you can make from templates  from the Youth Online Club. What are your family's ideas for frugal Birthday's and Holiday's?

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  1. Girl, you are amazing. Thanks for all the neat ideas....