Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fresh fish when you live near a lake or ocean

Another great way to save when you live near a lake or ocean is to fish.  If your a resident it may not involve much more than a fishing licence (often FREE - $40 a year) and some gear. When we were in Alaska we enjoyed Salmon, Halibut and even Crab which were plentiful and FREE after our basic expenses other than the time and effort. It is near hunting season for deer and moose. Maybe you don't enjoy that type of thing but don't mind the sport of it if it is providing meat for your family.  Often you can purchase a fishing or hunting licence and someone else equipped to go fishing or hunting can fish or hunt for your "limit" by proxy.  Which means that they can get one for you and your family after you purchase and pay for a licence. Check out your local rules and regulations it could help you stock your freezer fairly inexpensively.

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