Friday, September 9, 2011

Growing your own fruit

This week I wanted to post a few options to remind us that "coupons" aren't the only way to save money. It can be fun and educational for your family to grow some fruits and vegetables. I especially enjoy fruit trees and bushes that come back each year with very little effort. In the past we have enjoyed the fruit from our apple trees and even made several batches of homemade apple sauce. We currently have a dear friend who has several pear trees and they even put out a sign that offers "FREE" pears, since they can no longer climb the trees that produce hundreds of pears and harvest all the fruit.  This week we will be stopping by for a visit and picking up some great fresh fruit to take home. If you have ever grown zucchini know that it multiplies some how and having lots of friends to share your zucchini with this time of year is a blessing. 

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